Workshops and Presentations

See below for a list of workshops and presentations we’ve developed and honed over 25 years. Linked workshops indicate live registration is currently available.

A version of any of the following sessions can be offered to you or your community. Contact us to let us know how we can partner to build financial security.

Financial Planning – Step #1 – Where Am I Now?

The first step in getting your finances in order is figuring out your current financial position. In this workshop you’ll learn to develop and use two key tools—a net worth statement and a budget—to understand how to build toward a more stable financial future. In addition, you’ll learn how to set SMART financial goals and leave with a set of tools and resources to help you learn more on your own.

Time: 90 minutes

Financial Planning – Step #2 – Where do I want to Be?

In this session we focus on Setting Goals and Choosing Products. Once you’ve figured out your current financial position it’s time to set your financial goals and choose financial products to help you reach those goals. This workshop provides an overview of saving and investment products, as well as government incentives, to encourage saving for retirement, homeownership, and other long-term asset building.

Time: 90 minutes

Debt Free Living

Feel like your debts are ruling your life? Can’t figure out what to pay first or know when you’ll be debt free? Attend this workshop and leave confident with the knowledge and tools you need to create your personal debt elimination plan. You’ll figure out which debts to pay first, and why saving is critical to debt reduction. As a part of this workshop attendees receive calculation worksheets.

Time: 90 minutes

Next Public Class: March 23, 2019 at Mt Airy Learning Tree Register today

Financial Planning – Top 10 Tools

During the first half of the workshop we begin with the basics: a sound budget and net worth statement. Next we move into the policy tools we should maximize. Employer sponsored retirement accounts, IRAs, IDAs, flexible spending and health savings accounts. No financial health session is complete without talking about debt. Yes, you can, and should, save while paying off your debt. You’ll leave this workshop with tools to jumpstart your financial health plan. Handouts include calculation worksheets and online resources. 

Time: 2 hours 

Next Public Class: March 5-12, 2019 at Mt Airy Learning Tree Register today

Excelling Your Finances

In this hands-on computer training session you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Excel as a tool for financial planning. This course is offered broken out into three different topic sessions: Excel Basics and Creating a Budget, Creating a Net Worth Statement, and Creating an Income Tax Calculation Worksheet.

Time: 6 hours in 3 sessions

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