Individual Consulting

Choosing how to manage and save money is complicated these days. Whether it’s choosing a place to hold your savings or a retirement fund option at your newest job, we can help. Contact us and let’s discuss your goals, and together we will build a path to reach them.

What to expect from individual consulting:

Clarity on your current financial position

Identifying your financial goals

We begin with a Net Worth Statement with a free workbook you can use to identify your current budget and net worth. You might be surprised at how the act of compiling your data can be helpful for setting goals and making financial decisions. Regardless of the next steps we encourage you to use this free resource to bring clarity to your current financial situation.

Depending on how much you’re able to compile this information in advance, we begin our first hour with one of two things:

1) Completing the worksheets together

2) Address questions about your budget and future goals using your documents to see what answers we might find

We work closely with you in this process, determining next steps needed and identifying ownership of those steps.

Common topics and questions we can help with include:

Debt Reduction

I have more than $80,000 in debt – what should I pay first?

What does it mean to “consolidate” my debt?

What does my credit score have to do with my debt?

Choosing Retirement Fund Options

What’s a 401k / 403b?

When should I start investing in these?

How can I contribute to get the employer match?

Start Saving

Should I focus on saving or paying off debt first?

What savings vehicle should I use at my bank or credit union?

How can I maximize my savings

Build an Emergency Fund

What is an emergency fund, how much should be in it?

Which savings vehicles should I use for this?

How do I know whether something’s an emergency or not?

Make a Budget

Why do I need a budget?

I hate tracking…is there a way to budget without that?

Should saving be part of my budget?