Can foundations lead the reparations movement?

Interview with Edgar Villanueva, author of Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance. We discuss the 7 steps he outlines for the foundation industry to lead the reparations movement by “Decolonizing Wealth.” These steps acknowledge and address the fact that the source of U.S. wealth is stolen land, labor and bodies from Native and African Americans. All organizations and individuals interested in moving money toward economic justice can follow these steps.

Saving for Retirement

Vanessa is joined by Patricia Grattis, who teaches a class “Making the Most of your Money” as well as classes through PASCEP at Temple University. During the conversation they talked about using tools like incorporating automated savings into your budget, provided tips on how to save for retirement, and an overview of some of the major steps you can take to improve (or hurt) your financial future. Many of the tools they mention are available here on the site!


Patricia Grattis,  Pan-African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP) at Temple University

Financial Security for Every Woman in Philadelphia

Staci Moore, Co-Chair of Women’s Community Revitalization Project, joins Vanessa to talk about her work to improve financial security for women in the Philadelphia region. The conversation spans the work Staci has done with WCRP, as well as her engagement with Women’s Way and Women’s Economic Security Initiative (WESI). This engaging discussion also spans some of the issues of gentrification and affordable housing in the city and surrounding areas.


Staci Moore, Co-Chair, Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP)


Working with WORC

In this discussion Vanessa’s guest, Shanua Yeldell of WORC shares how this local CDFI is helping businesses and individuals in Philadelphia build credit in Philadelphia.

In the first half of the program Shauna shared how WORC and other CDFIs help business owners and entrepreneurs get credit ready. In the second half of the program Shauna shared details on WORC’s savings programs for individuals and families, as well as a specific program they have for refuges and immigrants. WORC helps teach people the importance and power of savings and building assets, manage and understand their budget, and prepare for purchases like homeownership.


Shauna Yeldell, Director of Lending and Operations at Women’s Opportunities Resource Center

Public Banking and Personal Finance

Public banks belong to the people, not shareholders. In the first half of the hour we speak with Connie Bille about the benefits of access to a public bank. The only active public bank is in the state of ND but as of the recording at least 20 states or cities were exploring implementation of a public bank.

In the second half of the hour Ingrid Shepard, One Less Foundation joined to talk about how they are advocating for families and introducing individuals and families to financial literacy tools.


  • Connie Bille, G-town Radio
  • Ingrid Shepard, One Less Foundation