VLL Consulting is committed to helping people lead financially healthy and secure lives. We do this by creating an understanding of what wealth building consists of, and how to implement tools for long-term wealth building. We work with both organizations and individuals and can customize a strategy that works best for your needs.

Financial education advocates: Foundations and other nonprofit advocates know how important it is to improve the financial security. Financial stress impacts workplace productivity and long-term success. We can provide onsite training for employees, volunteers and community partners to help you ensure that your impact is both internal and external. Contact us today

Service Providers: Realtors, social workers, and school officials all benefit from working with families who understand and follow practices that ensure financial security. We can work with you to reach your constituents and fill financial education gaps via in-person workshops and customized trainingContact us today

Individuals: Whether you’re just starting your first job or contemplating retirement, we all have questions about money and how to manage it. Our one-on-one consulting services helps you to identify financial gaps and provides you with the solutions to take the right steps to grow your personal and family wealth. Let’s get started today.